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Discover a world of possibilities with Able Intention's services. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge design strategies, empowering resources, or expert advocacy, our team is here to help you shape a future without barriers. Let's create a more accessible, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow together. Explore our offerings now and embark on your journey towards transformation.

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Ability Consultation

Discover a world of possibilities with Able Intention, a consultancy in inclusive design/builds and personal or family advocacy. We're on a mission to empower individuals & families of all abilities to thrive in their environments. A resource for sustainable, modern, culturally sensitive and green solutions, we ...

Shaping a Barrier-free Tomorrow

Able Intention is not just a business; it's a visionary force leading the way towards an inclusive world. Based in the USA, with roots in Native America, our consultancy stands out for its unwavering commitment to making accessibility a reality for all, regardless of ability, culture or demographics. What sets us ...

What We Do

  • Accessibility solutions
  • Youth advocacy
  • Student & Family Support
  • Strategic Design/Builds

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